6 Luxury Clothing Cleaning Hacks

Deodorant marks on your LBD? Foundation stains on the collar of your new white blouse? De-puffed puffer jackets? With years of industry experience, we’ve learned a thing or two about cleaning and maintaining luxury clothes. Here are a few trade secrets you can use in your own home to keep your wardrobe looking fierce and smelling fresh.*

  1. Refresh Your Feathers

  2. After washing your down coat or vest on delicate or any cool-water setting on your washing machine, toss a couple of tennis balls into the dryer. This will fluff up the down and prevent it from clumping, keeping you extra warm and cozy this winter.

  3. Give Your Clothes a Helping Hand

  4. If your hand-washed items, especially silk, cotton, or wool items, lose their original soft or flowy feel after air-drying, don’t be afraid to throw them in the dryer on delicate for 5 minutes. Add a dry towel to the mix so your items come out feeling as luxurious and as textured as the day you bought them.

  5. Save Your Silks

  6. We recommend washing your soiled silk scarves and clothes with “The Laundress,” our favorite luxury fabric detergent. But, here’s the catch: you MUST complete all the steps listed on the bottle—pretreating the stain, hand-washing the item and rinsing it— in under 10 minutes. This prevents the dye from loosening up in the silk and bleeding. If your silk piece has multiple colors, throw in a “Shout Color Catcher,” which traps loose dye and dirt in the wash, as a safety net for stress-free cleaning. You can find both “The Laundress” and “Shout Color Catcher” on Amazon or at Target.

  7. Make Up For Your Makeup Stains

  8. cleaning-silk-blog

    Our favorite cleaning products.

    Makeup wipes are not just for your face! Use them to also remove cosmetic residue from the collars of your favorite shirts and dresses. Also, be sure to frequently rotate the wipe so only clean sections are making contact with your clothes.

  9. Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

  10. One of our must-have gadgets in the store is a deodorant remover sponge: it is the quickest and easiest way to rub those white marks right off your dark-colored items and costs no more than $7 at your local drugstore. We love the “Hollywood Fashion Secrets Deodorant Removing Sponge,” found on Amazon. If that isn’t enough, or the item in question is knit, you can also try a baby wipe to safely scrub off the stain. Bonus Tip: Baby wipes are also excellent for safely scrubbing off most food, makeup, and dirt stains found on the interior lining of your favorite handbags!

  11. Treat Your Clothes AND Your Nose

  12. Interior of a Prada bag before and after cleaning with a baby wipe!

    Sprinkle a couple drops of a refreshing essential oil to your steamer water. We like to use orange or grapefruit in our steamer water. Mix and match oils to find the perfect scent for you!

    We know firsthand that the value of a luxury good is almost entirely contingent on the condition it is in. By adopting some (or all!) of our hacks into your cleaning routine, you can keep your high-end pieces looking as chic and spotless as the day you bought them.

*Please note: we do not take responsibility for at-home cleaning processes that do not work out. Implement at your own risk.*