Luxury Fabric Profile: How to Make Cashmere Sweaters Look Brand New

Fall is approaching! It’s only a matter of time before you swap out your summer cotton and linens for your favorite cashmere sweaters, wraps, and scarves. Here are the steps you can undertake at home to get your cashmere sweaters looking brand new again.*

De-pilling Cashmere

Before you can properly wash your cashmere sweaters, you must remove any signs of pilling using a battery-operated shaver. The non-motorized devices that drag over the garment, such as a razor, end up further damaging the item in the long run. The dragging motion used to cut off the pilled cashmere is the same motion that caused the wear in the first place. We recommend that you prolong the life of your sweaters by investing in a motorized sweater shaver with a smooth cover, such as the “Evercare Fabric Shaver.” This will help to protect your cashmere while de-pilling.

Cleaning Cashmere

Just as with silk scarves, the key to safely cleaning your cashmere is timing– try to complete every step in the cleaning process, from pretreating the stain to washing and rinsing it, in under 10 minutes. If your sweater is stained, pretreat the stain with a cleaning product of your choice before washing it. DO NOT rub the fabric together, as cleaning product directions often suggest, for this will create more pilling. Instead, place a drop of the cleaning product on the pad of your thumb and index finger and “mush” the stained section between your fingers. Make sure to saturate the mark entirely.

Next, situate the cashmere sweater in a basin of tepid water mixed with drops of either “The Laundress” or “Woolite” and gently agitate it until it is completely soaked through with the cleaner-water solution. Pay special attention to the neckline, cuffs, bottom hem, and underarm area to ensure that they are fully soaked.

Drying Cashmere

After roughly 9 minutes of soaking, carefully pull the sweater out of the water while simultaneously squeezing out excess water. Lay the dripping cashmere flat on a clean, dry towel, careful not to overstretch it beyond its natural shape. Finally, roll the sweater up in the towel and lightly squeeze out the remaining excess water. Then, drape it on a rack to dry.

We hope these steps help you extend the life of your cashmere sweaters for many years to come!

*Please note: we do not take responsibility for at-home cleaning processes that do not work out. Implement at your own risk.*